Many businesses rely heavily on credit card processors so they can accept credit card payments in their store. This service is usually dependent on third parties, which make choosing the right provider a very crucial decision. Bad credit card processing means bad experience for the customer. 

Processing Works

To fully understand how credit card processing works, it’s important that every step of the process is discussed. And by knowing how your credit card is debited such an amount after shopping, you’ll understand the dynamics around it.  

Credit & Debit Card Processing Basics  

To pay for anything using your credit card, you need to present the physical card or at least know the basic information of your card if you’re paying online or over the phone. If it’s a physical payment using the actual card, then the cashier will wipe the magnetic stripe card into the device.  

There are other technologies available today, which involves dipping an EMV chip card and tapping the NFC enabled card. As for virtual payments, it’s usually done via an online page or through an app using a payment designated gateway. There are also mobile points of sale and virtual terminals being used today.  

What Happens When the Card is Used? 

Once the correct payment information is duly collected, then the credit card processor will communicate with the bank using the designated card networks. Two of the most popular networks these days are Visa and Mastercard.  

Once the bank approves the transaction, then the sale is completed. If there’s an error detected along the way, then the transaction is denied. There are many points of approval and they are dependent the verification processed used. Essentially, the credit card number is validated and it’s checked if there are sufficient funds to facilitate the transaction.  

How Credit Card Processors Help Your Business 

Businesses should find a reliable credit card processor to facilitate card payments as more and more people are going cashless these days. The ideal service provider is the one that can charge and transfer funds into your bank account in the fastest possible timeframe and the least charges incurred.  

Always remember that when it comes to credit card processing, quality services do matter. You have to fully evaluate potential companies and check their real-time performance. You want to provide your clients with the best customer service experience and it starts with charging them the right amount and providing them with a safe and secure way of paying for their merchandise.  

Choose the Right Credit Card Processor 

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